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    *2011 CFMA Nomination for Pocketful of Rhymes!*

    CFMA nomination

    "Pocketful of Rhymes features an eclectic mix of songs that range from hard-hitting political anthems to hair-raising ancient ballads and love songs; from joyous songs of the Canadian wilderness to introspective meditations on the afterlife and the life of a songwriter."


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Track List

(with Eileen's liner notes:)

Pocketful of Rhymes (3:55 )


  • Dedicated to all my fellow travelling storysingers.

Rushing River (4:07)


  • Inspired by a painting expedition in Jasper National Park, by three different dancing rivers: the Athabasca, the Miette and Excelsior Creek..



The Evening News (3:45)


  • A tug of war that I go through with myself almost every day.

P Stands For Paddy* (4:39 )


  • A traditional Irish song in the “eavesdropping” genre.

If You Had Told Me (2:52 )


  • Written the first winter after I moved to Vancouver Island - yes, there are often roses in January.

When I Go(3:55)


  • A joyous contemplation of afterlife possibilities.

Ferry Me Home (5:50)


  • Coming home for me now usually involves at least one ferry. On one foggy journey, I thought about how easy it would be to get totally lost, without navigation equipment and how our ancestors found their way home by the stars, when they could see them. Being Irish, I fell inescapably into metaphor.

Song Of The Ferrishyn


  •  Based on an ancient Gaelic lyric from the Isle of Man, describing the chaos that ensues when the folk of the otherworld come for you. Thanks to Breesha Maddrell of the Manx Heritage Foundation for help with the Gaelic. Watch out for that Taroo-ushtey!

How Many Wars? (4:53)


  • The wars go on, and the culture of mendacity at the highest levels seems to continue without serious challenge.

I Wish My Love* (2:55)


  • An Irish love song in three-part harmony.

Banks of Fordie* (7:09) 


  • Classic Scottish murder ballad (Child # 14) of ruthlessness and lost identities, learned long ago from the singing of the great Dick Gaughan. This version is often also titled "Babylon". (I sometimes also sing a different version with similar words, but very different melody and feel, called the Bonnie Banks of Airdrie.) Variants have been collected all over the world. Here's some links to other versions.

Snow Shanty
*** (4:19)


  • A quintessential part of the Canadian experience.

All Shall Be Well (4:23) 


  • Inspired by the two prayer fragments my Mom used to have pasted up inside a kitchen cabinet, from Julian of Norwich and St. Teresa of Avila. A lullaby/waltz/mantra





  • Produced by Eileen McGann & David K.

All songs © P words and music by Eileen McGann / Dragonwing Music (SOCAN)
except * traditional, arranged by Eileen McGann / Dragonwing Music (SOCAN)