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    "Five stars! One of the year's finest releases. Mature songwriting, crisp arrangements and a soaring voice that never wavers. ...[The album] explores self, place and the human condition.... [Eileen McGann] is top-drawer, and worth going out of your way to hear." -The Valley Advocate, Hartford, CT../Springfield, MA.

    "You are in for a real treat" -Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, WA.

    "Calgary's folk/Celtic tunesmith may get her just rewards yet with a new album strongly highlighted by her crystal-clear magnetic soprano....A strong musical voice with a heart." - NOW Magazine,Toronto

    "Eileen McGann's clear voice, incisive songwriting and fresh interpretation combine to create a compelling album of original and traditional material. Journeys is a powerful, moving testament from a major Canadian artist." - Now Magazine

    "McGann continues the Canadian tradition of honest, subtle story telling and musical observation that has earned the respect of folk musicians and fans world wide. McGann's own personal journey has been a bright one and it looks to be getting brighter all the time" - Calgary Sun


Eileen McGann - Journeys (1995)

Track List

I See My Journey (4:15) 

  • "Propelled by the rhythmic acoustic guitar, McGann conveys a sense of the open road and exploration that pervades this CD."
  • -Heartsong Review, Summer '95


Bonny Portmore (3:20) 

  • "The lovely Irish ballad is an anthem against the clear-cutting of forests, a destructive and wasteful practice that continues today." 
  • -California Traditional Music Society Journal Vol. 12, #1.


Reservations (4:59)

  • "On the stunning "Reservations", McGann connects Native American notions of place with (the) need to create homelands in (the) mind, an anchor that will ground identity." 

  • -The Valley Advocate, Hartford- Springfield, July 1995


In The Silence (4:53) 

  • "A real standout cut" 

  • - Heartsong Review, Summer '95
  • "A canoeist's love song, evoking a serene picture of still water among the pines." 

  • -California Traditional Music Society Journal Vol. 12, #1.


Braw Sailin' On The Sea (4:30)

  • "The gently rolling ballad is simply stunning, showing the many colours of Eileen's voice: long golden sustained notes, silver sheen on the highs." 
  • -California Traditional Music Society Journal Vol. 12, #1.


Rolling Home Canadian (5:37) 

  • "Ranks with Gordon Lightfoot's "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" as a great epic railroad song" -Sing Out! Magazine Vol. 40 #2 


Windigo's Coming (3:02) 

  • "A Cree legend set to a spooky beat warns against ignoring the dark side of technology" 
  • -CTMS Journal Vol. 12, #1


Reach For The Light (5:04) 

  • "A loving tribute to the late Canadian singer-songwriter Joan MacIsaac" 
  • -CTMS Journal Vol. 12, #1.


Too Stupid For Democracy (2:55)

  • "A delightful lesson in political science that is sure to be picked up and covered by other artists" 
  • - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange July 1995
  • "Deliciously witty" 
  • -CTMS Journal Vol. 12, #1.


Jock O'Hazeldean (6:27) 

  • "One of the most beautiful traditional songs, an early statement of women's liberation, (McGann gives) this ballad its full due." 
  • -Sing Out! Magazine Vol 40. #2


Kassandra (3:46)

  • Worldbeat rhythm, bagpipes and bouzouki highlight this piece inspired by a story from classical mythology 


Another Train (5:28) 

  • "Pete Morton's "Another Train" - (has) an engaging melody, optimistic lyrics and a metaphoric refrain that becomes a mantra." 
  • -CTMS Journal Vol. 12, #1.